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  • Saint Spyridon Church called "Greek Church" classified as historical monuments
  • Church of the Assumption called "Latin Church" registered historic monument
  • Chapelle Saint Erasmus port "Toussaint Rochiccioli"
  • The village of Paomia
  • Piévane Church of St. John the Baptist Paomia
  • Remains of the chapel of St. Barbara or St. Elijah Paomia
  • U Scumunicatu, menhir Paomia
  • The small village of Lozzi

The beaches

  • Péro Beach
  • Beach Chiuni
  • Menasina beach
  • Beach Capizzolu
  • Beach Stagnoli


From Cargèse
Tour Puntiglione : The departure is halfway between the village and the port, indicated by a wooden sign on your right.
Duration: 1:00

Tower Umigna : Departure after the residence "Ta Kladia" (Phylum on the left). At the gate, take the stairs.
- Arrival / return Umigna Tour: 2h00
- / return to the beach Chiuni: 2:30

Tower Topiti : Depart Beach Chiuni, take the path of pins (1:00).

Mare e Monti : Paomia drive out. Mare e Monti travels vertically from the sea Calenzana to Cargèse.
- Step Cargèse / E Case: 5:00



Capo Rosso - Piana : Departure: From Piana, take the road to the beach of Arone (Piana beach). 6km, a sign indicates the start of the walk. 
Duration: 3h30 (return)

Lake Creno - Soccia : From Soccia, up to the parking lot. 
Follow the dirt path on the right to the lake. 
Duration: 2h30 (return)

The e Castle - Piana : Departure: After Piana, on the road to Porto, in turn said "The dog's head", you can park the car park and start hiking. 
Duration: 1h00 (return)

Creeks Trail : Departure: After Piana to Porto, "Les Roches Bleues" (refreshment) in the creeks, a sign marks the departure of hiking. 
Duration: 4h30 (return)